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    HengSheng Printing Co., Ltd. Guangdong established in 1993, located in Annan Road, near the junction with the new
    Chaozhou-Shantou Highway(Annan Road America road north of the village), it covers an area of over 10,000 square meters.

    company has focused on the research and production of flexible packaging products, product supply
    to the domestic and foreign markets,covering food, daily necessities, cosmetics and other industries.

    Since 2008, we have a five-speed printing production lines, domestic and foreign guests to meet our capacity requirements.

    In 2013, we introduced "High-speed solventless laminating machine" products to further meet the needs of the market, and increase productivity.

    Cut design, plate making, raw material procurement, printing, composite, computer bag, and the whole process
    will be strictly monitored by the ISO quality system and related sectors, the best quality to meet customer requirements.

    With 20 years of experience in the packaging and printing industry, for your dedication to provide quality products and attentive service we have been upheld.

    We believe that good quality has always been our manufacturers should continue to improve and prove goals.

    Colorful life, let us work together to create.

    Hengsheng's Concept
    As a provincial sentinel trademark printing units, as always, will be combined with business development and contribution to society, create value for society. In the future, Hengsheng will continue to focus on customer demand, research and innovate in order to provide advanced packaging technology and design idea to customers!
    Our Mission
    Develop the printing industy ,
    Be the best printing craftsmen in the world!
    Core Philosophy
    Core Goal
    Sustainable develop and build the brand!
    Hengsheng's Culture
    Pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, Harmonious Symbiosis for HengSheng!
    Service purposes
    Dedicated to building a brand for customers and creating higher benefits!
    Social responsibility
    Save energy,reduce emissions, help the poor,and promote sustainable social development through corporate action!
    Enterprise Environment Exhibition Scene Certificate Company Culture