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    Led by our design philosophy, Printing & Package-Making Integrative Service

    With unique design, fine production, combined with our packaging design and production in the rich experience, use our unique "permanent" "life" mode to assist customer's innovating brands while actual effect plan and attentive service for creating benefits.

    Set up the service system from pre-printing, print production and after-printing processing to provide the efficient, fast and convenient service for customers with qualified product.



    Design Print Bag

    Hengsheng's Concept
    As a provincial sentinel trademark printing units, as always, will be combined with business development and contribution to society, create value for society. In the future, Hengsheng will continue to focus on customer demand, research and innovate in order to provide advanced packaging technology and design idea to customers!
    Our Mission
    Develop the printing industy ,
    Be the best printing craftsmen in the world!
    Core Philosophy
    Core Goal
    Sustainable develop and build the brand!
    Hengsheng's Culture
    Pool the wisdom and efforts of everyone, Harmonious Symbiosis for HengSheng!
    Service purposes
    Dedicated to building a brand for customers and creating higher benefits!
    Social responsibility
    Save energy,reduce emissions, help the poor,and promote sustainable social development through corporate action!