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          Dana Nanjing won the "most competitive enterprise award" in the selection of the 12th Five-Year oil and chemical industry elite
          Release time:2016-01-22

          In January 15, 2016, the beautiful Chinese by chemical petroleum and Chemical Industry Association, Chinese chemical newspaper jointly organized the "12th Five-Year" situation, the elite contest held a grand ceremony in Cangzhou city of Hebei province. Gu Xiulian, vice chairman of the Standing Committee of the Tenth National People's Congress, delivered a speech at the conference.

          With its good performance over the past 5 years, Dana Nanjing has won the "most competitive enterprise award" in the selection of the "oil and chemical industry" in 12th Five-Year. The award after winning delegates still enough, keep talking, sharing each other's feelings. Dana International Enterprise Limited company chairman Qin Yisheng said: "this event is summarized on the development of chemical industry," 12th Five-Year "by the recognition of new enterprises entered the chemical industry especially worth learning."

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